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    Chodo Ultraman 6


    In the 6th installment of "Super Motion Ultraman," "Ultraman Mobius," which was highly requested in the commercialization survey, will be released for the first time!
    In addition to the power-up form "Ultraman Mobius Mobius Brave", it also contains "Ultraman Aguru", another hero of Ultramangaia, and "Kyrieroid", a monster that confronts Ultraman Tiga.

    If you combine it with the Super Motion Ultraman series past bullets, you can enjoy it even more.
    ● 1 set of colored figures (5 types in total)
    1. Ultraman Mebius
    2. Ultraman Mebius Brave
    3. Ultraman Agul
    4. Kyrieroid
    5. Expansion Parts Set

    Size: Approximately100x40mm