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Chokorin Mascot Series "One Piece"

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Title: Single Box (Random)
The appearance is cute! Mascot series.

-New 3D series is here! The name is [Chokorin Mascot]!
-A little appearance, a little size! Such a mascot.
-Expanded with original deformed design.
-You can collect a lot, go out together, take pictures, and enjoy in various situations.
-A dedicated pedestal is also included, so you can stand on your own.

(1) Monkey D. Luffy
(2) Roronoa Zoro
(3) Sanji
(4) Trafalgar Law
(5) Portgas D. Ace
(6) Penguins & Shachi

-Product composition: PVC mascot

Item Size/Weight : 14.5 x 12.6 x 11.6 cm / 252g