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Coo'Nuts Pokémon 3

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Title: Single Pack (Random)

The Pokémon comes out the 3rd collection item "Coo'Nuts" with various characters in a nut-shaped format!
This bullet is a total of 16 types with a wide variety of variations, such as the evolved forms of Eevee that you want to combine with the Pokemon lined up in 1st and 2nd bullets, the Vulpix that you want to collect with twins, the Alolan Vulpix.
● 1 Coonut in a pack (16 types in total)
1. Pikachu (smiling smile)
2. Pichu
3. Eevee (smiling)
4. Leafeon
5. Glaceon
6. Sylveon
7. Plusle
8. Minun
9. Vulpix
10. Alolan Vulpix
11. Lapras
12. Wobbuffet
13. Oshawott
14. Buneary
15. Lucario
16. Spinda
● 1 chewing gum

Set of 14.
Please note that you might cannot necessarily get all kinds of the items in one box and might get repeat types.
There are 16 kinds of toys.
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