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Sword Art Online "Asuna" [17]

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- Swordsman with the nickname of "flash" in the sub-head of the clan Knights. Appeared in the queue Posh!

- Figures cute pocket-sized fun and moving [queue Posh].
- From the anime [Sword Art Online], survived a death games death in the game is the death of reality, positive heroine of the story [Aznar] is an appearance seventeenth edition series!
- The Queue Posh], deformation of characters who only 2.3 head, new action figure series of very cute pocket size.
- Rich and moving of the neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist, waist, hip, knee, ankle] in a small body.
- To take the various poses effortlessly in terms of a dedicated base by the magnet of the sole, you can reproduce the scene and impressive various expressions of the character in the accessories of enhancement.
- Please pull out a lot of charm [Aznar] wide range of fun is jammed in the queue Posh].

- Accessories: three run vent light, sheath, life gauge, face parts (open hand, hand grip, handle, for piercing) (smile, glare 顏, sleeping face), replacement wrist set, dedicated base (foot magnet support (post, long hair for extension parts, strut arm, extension parts (thin-thick)), for storage zipper bag mobile post set,)

Item Size/Weight : 21 x 17 x 8 cm
Copyright Reki Kawahara/ASCII Mediaworks/SAO Project
Height: approx 110mm.