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    Is It Wrong To Pick Up Girls In a Dungeon? "Hestia" [24]

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    - [World'm than whimsical God! ]

    - The moving fun cute figure of pocket size [queue Posh].
    - Series 24 series belong of a is Bell Kuraneru hero of [Familia] chief god, Hestia is appeared.
    - Queue Posh] and is, 2.3 head of deformed characters who of himself, very cute new action figure series of pocket-sized.
    - Rich moving into a small body. The 613 has effortlessly with various poses on a dedicated base by the soles of the magnet, you can reproduce the various facial expressions and impressive scene of the character in the enhancement of accessories.
    - Blue ribbon around the chest, a little softer material that does not really interfere with the movement of the arm.
    - Because the face parts is also included four, and let's enjoy the cute God of charm facial expression changes claims about ♪

    - Accessories: four face parts (smile, dissatisfaction 顏, warm fuzzy smile, Bishitsu face), wrist set for replacement (Sam's hand up, palm, hand grip, handle), a private base (foot magnet support), the movable strut set (pillar, arm strut, extension parts (thin, thick)), for accommodating chuck bag

    - Sculpted: Nishimura ChokuOkoshi (Pilot)
    - Cooperation: Kotobukiya

    Item Size/Weight : 21.1 x 17.2 x 8.1 cm
    Copyright Fujino Omori SBCreative/Danmachi Production Committee
    Height: approx 110mm