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Chessex Signature/Gemini/Translucent d20 Dice (Random)

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Are you looking for a SURPRISE d20 Random Dice?

Here you go! Over 100+random d20 dice in a dozen dazzling and mystical colors. Inside consists of 3 different types of d20 random dices included Signature, Gemini,and Translucent. This 20-sided die is numbered 1 to 20 with written out numerals etched into the surface of the dice. The top number is used on the roll. For ease in reading,

Random Chessex d20 loose dice that can be purchased. Whether you’re looking for a SURPRISE RANDOM d20 die or you need to replace individual dice from a few of your sets, our collection of Chessex Singles has you covered.

Place your order with us, and our staff will pick your luckiest's dice to you!

 *Warning choking hazard! Not recommended for children under 3 years old