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Chessex Marbleized & Gold Shimmer Polyhedral d30 Dice (Random)

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Are you looking for a SURPRISE d30 Random Dice?

This 30-sided 25mm die is numbered 1 to 30 with written out numerals etched into the surface of the dice and painted gold. The top number is used on the roll. For ease in reading, Chessex now uses underscoring, rather than tiny indicator dots, to differentiate 6's and 9's. All polyhedral dice have sharper edges for easier shape recognition. All of the numbers are as large as possible on each face.

The Chessex Standard Quality and consistency are the ultimate goals in making “The Coolest Dice on the Planet”. Chessex strives to bring uniformity of size, number marking and shape amongst their dice. Their goal is to give you the confidence of knowing that any Chessex die you purchase will always be of consistently high quality.

Place your order with us, and our staff will pick your luckiest's dice to you!

*Warning choking hazard! Not recommended for children under 3 years old