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    Desktop Army EX. 12 F-606S FREA Series

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    The project item "F-606s flare series", which has achieved a target of over 500% in the 2018 crowdfunding project, is now officially adopted color. A cute body designed by Fujioka Kenki is included with all 6 types of large-scale specialized equipment. In addition, 6 types of armament can be combined to reproduce the two combined forms of large armament "Mode-Volpartinger" and "Mode-March Hair". In addition, 500% of the stretch goal of the crowdfunding project "Volu Partyunger mass production machine specification" head parts are included, and new modeling "function expansion specification" head parts for the flare body are also included. Of course, the built-in hard point common to the series ensures perfect compatibility with conventional series. The combination of weapons is endless! Create your own platoon and take control of your desktop!
    *Remark: "Large clear pedestal" is not included to commemorate the first day's achievement. 300% "Clear base for body" is not included. 400% "arm weapon set" is not included. 500% "Volpartinger mass production machine head parts" is included. Deluxe set privilege booklet is not included.

    Product size
    Element body: Approximately 80 mm
    Combined state: Approximately 150 mm

    Product specifications
    1 pre-painted movable figure + 6 armed parts

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