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Chessex Gemini™ Polyhedral 7pcs Dice (Blue-Orange/White) [CHX26452]

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You are bidding on: Chessex Gemini™ Polyhedral 7pcs Dice (Blue-Orange/White) [CHX26452]

This set of dice look, feel, and roll well and will be a great addition to any game or collection. The top number is used on a roll. The edges allow for easy shape recognition and the numbers are about as large as possible on each face. Dice come in retail packaging.
  • Perfect and powerful material, easy to roll up and difficult to damage, with good polishing.
  • Durable polyhedral dice for your cool desktop games, customize your own D&D dice game.
  •  They roll well and bounce nicely on any game surface.
  • Perfect and high quality polyhedral dice for various board games, parties, teaching projects, etc.
  • A perfect gift for game lovers.
  • Show off your gaming skills with these dice
  • 7-Die Set included:
    -1 D4 (Four-Sided Dice)
    -1 D6 (Six-Sided Dice)
    -1 D8 (Eight-Sided Dice)
    -1 D10 (Ten-Sided Dice)
    -1 Percentile (Double Digit Ten-Sided Dice)
    -1 D12 (Twelve-Sided Dice)
    -1 D20 (Twenty-Sided Dice)

*Warning choking hazard! Not recommended for children under 3 years old