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Digimon Adventure -Precious G.E.M. Series- "Metal Greymon" 20th Anniversary

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"The courage of Taichi! My body is full of power!" 

A new animation has also been announced, and "Metal Greymon" appears with fullness from the more exciting Digimon Adventure!
As the enemy became more powerful in the play, Taichi felt impatience, and after struggling, he could evolve into a perfect body, and his heart became hot.
We paid particular attention to posing and modeling so that you can feel it dynamically.
The detail was raised and painted in consideration of the sharpness of the edge of the metal armor and the contrast with the skin.
This is a product that you should pick up and feel.

Product size
Height approx 220mm
Total length approx 330mm

Product specifications
・Colored finished figure

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