Digimon Card Game - DC-1 Grand Prix [DC-1GP Set / Imperial Dragon Dragon Mode’]

Title: Veemon

This is a official event where we decide 1 winner of each shop or online battle, and decide the winner of the area with online battle.
1 Day of Big Scale Event is called DC-1 Grand Prix!
Special event limited item and special prizes are waiting for you!

Contents of DC-1GP Set 'Veemon'

●DC-1 GP Participation Digital Ticket
●DC-1 GP Original Play Mat
●DC-1 GP Original Sleeve 50pcs
●DC-1 GP Veemon with the logo of DC-1 GP 4pcs
●DC-1 GP The Ray of Victory with the logo of DC-1 GP 4p

Contents of DC-1GP Set ‘Imperial Dragon: Dragon Mode’ 

● ‘Imperial Dragon: Dragon Mode’ Sleeve 50pcs
● ‘Imperial Dragon: Dragon Mode’ l Play Mat