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    Digimon Card Game Double Diamond Ver.6 Booster [BT-06] (Japanese)

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    Digimon Card Game BT-06 Double Diamond

    The packaging for the booster shows off new artwork of Agumon (Bond of Bravery) & Gabumon (Bond of Friendship)

    • Includes 113 cards:
      • 44 Commons
      • 30 Uncommons
      • 26 Rares
      • 11 Super Rares
      • 2 Secret Rares
    • Each Japanese Booster Pack contains 6 cards.
    • 1 Box contains 24 Booster Packs.


    • 1 pack of 6 cards*
    • 24 booster packs in one booster box
    • 12 booster boxes in one carton

    * Please note that the photos and illustrations may differ from the actual product.