Digimon Card Game Theme Booster "Classic Collection" [EX-01] (Japanese)

Title: Carton Box (12boxes)

Digimon Card Game Theme Booster "Classic Collection" EX-01

The first Classic Collection themed Booster Set released in the Japanese format for celebrate 1 year anniversary. 

-Stocks might get allocated and deducted due to hot demand.
-Orders will be fulfill based on order ID (first come first serve basis)
-If stocks arrived on the release date are Insufficient to fulfill all pre order customers, we will prioritize everyone to get ONE copy each (Booster Box). Those who are unable to be fulfill will be in our waiting list for next batch of stock arrival or may get a refund if there's no balance stock from Bandai.

  • Includes 73 cards:
    • 26 Commons
    • 20 Uncommons
    • 18 Rares
    • 8 Super Rares
    • 1 Secret Rare


  • 1 booster pack of 12 cards
  • 12 booster packs in one booster box
  • 12 booster boxes in one carton

* Please note that the photos and illustrations may differ from the actual product.