Digimon Digital Monster Ver. REVIVAL 20th Anniversary-Japanese

Title: Original Gray

Don't miss out this reprint of the digital monster ver. 20th released in 2017 from the portable cultivating game ``Digital Monster'' which was the origin of the training battle released in June 1997 and sold more than 8 million pieces in total.
"Digital Monster Ver. REVIVAL" (original gray/original brown) is now available.

A "Digital Monster" that can grow Digimon that grows in real time in a palm-sized body that you can carry around, but with the pleasure of raising Digimon, "Appearing Digimon" "Development & evolution" "Communication" etc. You can play with the function.

Set contents
Main body...1
Instruction manual...1

Product size
W approx. 58 mm x H approx. 41 mm x D approx. 15 mm

Product material
Main body ...ABS, PC, SI

Target age
15 years old or older

CR2032 x 1 piece (included) * Set Batteries are for testing.

Everything is in Japanese