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Digimon Digivolving Spirits 02 -Metalgarurumon-

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- Digimon deformed figure now evolves super - New brand [Super Evolutionary Soul]!

- Pursue to the utmost the [charity] before the evolution which is the charm of Digimon and [the cool-heartedness] after evolution.
- Ultimate collector's item that surprised and enjoyed as a completely deformed figure without replacement was included.

In the super evolution spirit, we also pursue the sense of texture when taken in hands.
The metal feeling is emphasized using die casting for the armor part of chest, waist and legs made of Cron de Digzoid.
Furthermore, plating treatment was carried out on [Dramon Killer] which is prepared for both hands. I realize a finish with a high-class feeling.

- Super Evolution -
As well as paintings that have been applied to fine detail, changes in body color before and after evolution from yellow to orange are also reproduced as much as possible with perfect deformation gimmicks without replacement.

- proportion -
In the first WarGreymon, the basic deformation method dare to follow the past super evolution series.
Moreover, by changing the joint structure and adjusting the balance, the proportion is exactly super-evolution.
It is a deformed toy filled with nostalgic fresh surprises.

Compared to the past evolutionary super evolution series, the most evolving point is proportion.
Especially in the WarGreymon form, it is a must-see coolness not to be defeated by non-transformed figures.
In addition, the range of motion of the neck has also evolved.

- set content
· Main body

Item Size/Weight : 19.6 x 17 x 11 cm
Copyright Akiyoshi Hongo/Toei Animation
Full length: approx 200mm.