Digimon Figure-rise Standard Shinegreymon (Amplified)

-From [Digimon Savers], Light Dragon type Digimon [Shine Greymon] joins the Amplified series!

- [Mr. As`Maria] Thorough pursuit of sculpting and gimmicks with full cooperation.
-The giant sword [Geo Gray Sword] uses jewel seals and PET seals to achieve a glossy texture and detailed expression. Equipped with a plastic model original gimmick, it can be transformed into a twin sword mode by replacing parts.
-By using joint parts, [Geo Gray Sword] can be mounted on both legs in twin sword mode.
- The pull-out structure of the shoulder joint expands the range of movement, reproducing the [Geo Gray Sword] holding with both hands.
- A stable grounding is achieved by providing a movable axis at the tip of the foot. In addition, the armor behind the knees is linked to the legs to expand the range of motion.
-Each wing can be moved individually, and the silhouette changes greatly when deployed and retracted.
- The tail has a built-in lead wire that allows you to create a detailed expression.
- Considering the expandability as a plastic model, hard points for expansion are placed in various places.

・Geo gray sword x 1
・ Joint parts x 1 formula
・Seal x 1
・PET sticker x 1
・Jewel seal x 1
・Lead wire x 1

Item Size/Weight : 39 x 31 x 8 cm / 756g