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    Digimon Ghost Game Digivice V [Vital Bracelet ver Blue with Gammamon / DIM Card V1 Gammamon / Angoramon & Jellymon]


    Ready Stock for Vital Bracelet ver Blue , DIM Card V1 Gammamon & DIM Card Angoramon & Jellymon. 

    The Dim Cards will also get a new numbered series. The V will include V1 Gammamon. Gammamon will also be sold separately, so existing owners won't be left out of having him. V2 will include both Angoramon and Jellymon.

    "Digital Monster" is now available from the wearable LCD toy series "Vital Breath" that allows you to develop and evolve your character according to the amount of activity such as your heart rate and steps .

    It has a built-in NFC chip, and it is possible to perform auto-battle of Digimon by touching an NFC-equipped smartphone that is in a state of emitting radio waves or an IC device such as a card reader in the city with an application or the like .
    If you use the dedicated app, you can manage the raised Digimon, register the picture book, and battle online.

    By inserting an optional Dim Card, you can change the area and breeding Digimon.

    (All items other than those included with this product are sold separately.)

    [Set Contents For Vital Bracelet ver. Blue] (October 2021 Release)
    ・ Vital Breath Digital Monster ver. Blue - 1
    ・ Gammamon Dim Card - 1
    ・ VS Dim Card - 1
    ・ Charging Cable - 1

    [Set Contents For DIM Card V1 Gammamon] (October 2021 Release)
    ・ Gammamon Dim Card - 1

    [Set Contents For DIM Card V2 Angoramon and Jellymon] (December 2021 Release)
    ・ Angoramon Dim Card - 1
    ・ Jellymon Dim Card - 1

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