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    Dragon Ball Figure-rise Standard Final Form Frieza

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     Ultra best condition! Dragon Ball [Muscle build system] plastic model of war !! wonders in Tsukuriagero the ultimate body!

    - Muscle build system!
    [Muscle representation] by parts division can not be wrong Plastic! Saikyo reproduce the body of the warrior! The joints of the dividing line combined with the muscle of the line, realizing a more natural joint as a figure!

    - Split reproducibility to the pupil!
    To reproduce the color by parts separated by only up to reproduce !! pupil and the white of the eye assemble a characteristic face of the freezer!

    - Rich options!
    In addition to different facial expression parts, it comes with hand parts and effect parts to reproduce the deathblow.

    - Accessories: face (another expression villainy face), palm (left and right), right wrist (Desubimu), death beam effects, Desubimu for pedestal, death ball effect

    Item Size/Weight : 29.8 x 18.8 x 7 cm / 257g