Dragon Ball Super TCG: Fusion World Awakened Pulse [FB-01] (Japanese)

Title: Booster Box (24packs)


24 packs / Box

6 cards / Booster pack


  • Dragon Ball Super Card Game Fusion World Booster Pack Heartbeat of Awakening (FB01)" is an expansion pack for a card game that uses Dragon Ball characters to compete against each other.

    This expansion pack includes new character cards, support cards, and more that players can incorporate into their decks to enhance their strategies.

    "Awakening Heartbeat" is a series that features characters who have achieved stronger power-ups in the game.It includes many powerful character cards and support cards, and players can use them to aim for victory.

    Card types include character cards, battle cards, leader cards, and support cards.Character cards depict various characters from the Dragon Ball series, each with their own effects and skills.Battle cards are used to strengthen your character cards and defend against your opponent's attacks.Leader cards are character cards that represent players and have specific effects.Support cards are cards that support the player's deck and have various effects.

    "Fusion World" is a term that refers to a specific rule or theme within the game, and this expansion pack contains many fusion-themed cards.Players can use more powerful cards and skills by fusing characters together.

    "Dragon Ball Super Card Game Fusion World Booster Pack Heartbeat of Awakening FB01" is an expansion pack for the card game that allows players to create strategies and battle while enjoying the world of Dragon Ball.Collect new cards and build your own strongest deck.