Dragon Ball Z Imagination Works "Vegeta"

"Vegeta" appears in the second installment from the highest peak movable figure brand "IMAGINATION WORKS".

In order to make a two-dimensional character three-dimensional, "dense modeling" and "fine coloring" that can be done only because it is about 1/9 scale, which is larger than the standard about 1/12 scale, are applied, and "the best appearance" "IMAGINATION WORKS", a series of "highest peak movable figures" sent by Tamashii Nations in pursuit of ". The second is "Vegeta".

■ Structure
"Deepening modeling"
High-density modeling that was possible because it was about 1/9 scale. In order to increase the sense of density, the surface composition has been increased to make it more three-dimensional.

■ Coloring
"Presence of coloring"
An overwhelming presence that is released by effectively adding shadows and gradations to the surface composition.

■ Texture
"Seamless cloth in pursuit of the best appearance"
The arms and legs of the Saiyan suit are reproduced with "cloth". By hiding the joints of the arms and legs, it is a three-dimensional expression that transcends conventional movable figures.

■ Value
"Method of creating facial expression variations"
IMAGINATION WORKS As with Son Goku, the specifications are a combination of facial expression parts and eye-gaze parts.

■ Movable
"Guided movement"
Adopted a joint structure that makes it easy to determine the pose even when the cloth is covered. Various poses of Vegeta are decided.

Product Specifications

Height: about 170mm
Material: ABS, PVC, cloth

■  Set Contents

・ Body
・ Face parts for black hair
・ Two types of black hair normal face eye parts
・ Three types of eye parts for black hair clenched face
・ Head parts for Super Saiyan
・ Two face parts for Super Saiyan
・ 3 types of super saiyan normal face eye parts
・ Three types of eye parts for Super Saiyan screaming faces
・ Replacement wrist left and right each three
・ Replacement arms folded parts
・ Pedestal set

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