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Dragon Shield Art Matte Sleeves Flesh And Blood 100pcs - "Prism Advent Of Thrones" (Standard Size)

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100 Dragon Shield Art Sleeves Matte with print of the Flesh and Blood hero Prism, Advent of Thrones.

A secret process of printing directly onto a card sleeve ensures rock-solid art sleeves. Dragon Shield Sleeves are designed to protect your cards from wear and tear while playing. These Dragon Shields Sleeves are made of polypropylene and are suitable for both casual and competition players. The matte version has a small texture around the back and shuffles easier.

- Provides excellent protection through the use of the extra hard polypropylene.
- Protects cards during and after the game.
- Prevents bent corners.
- Completely free of PVC.
- 100 pieces per pack.
- Includes cardboard deck box for 75 cards in Sleeves.