Duel Masters TCG Great Thanksgiving Victory Best [DM23-EX1] (Japanese)

Title: Booster Box (16pcs)
TM & (C) Wizards of the Coast/Shogakukan/Mitsui-Kids

- 1st Extra Pack for 2023 Duel Masters.

- An extra pack that includes reprinted and new cards and focuses on the popular races of Duema!
- Nostalgic past highest rarity [Victory Rare] revival! A new card with that rarity is also included.
- For the new Victory Rare, there is also a secret version with a low appearance rate!
- The popular races of the past and the races of the main pack in the first half of 2023 are strongly linked, and the deck is greatly strengthened!
- Includes new gimmicks [Meclaid] and new Twinpact cards!
- Enclosed with one foil guarantee!
- Cards are randomly inserted.