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DYNACTION Evangelion Test Type 01 + Spear of Cassius (Renewal Color Edition)

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Renewal color & Cassius spear! The popular "ROBOT SPIRITS <SIDE EVA> EVANGELION 01 TEST TYPE 1 -New Theatrical Version-" is now available in the latest specifications! The climax can be reproduced together with the 13th machine released in December!

"ROBOT SPIRITS <SIDE EVA> EVANGELION 01 TEST TYPE movie version-" released in 2020 appears in ROBOT SPIRITS with a new modeling Cassius spear in addition to new coloring! A powerful battle scene in the play can be reproduced!

Overall height / overall length: Height: about 170 mm
- Material: PVC, made of ABS
- Set content: 
• Body
• Replacement wrist left and right each six
• Palette rifle
• Progressive knife
• Kassius's coffin