Exploring Lab Nature Great White Shark

-The second "Exploring Lab Nature" is a great white shark! Three-dimensional with modeling that reproduces the internal skeleton and opening action!

● Pushing the switch activates the link mechanism including the head skeleton. You can enjoy the opening action with the movement of the skeleton that imagines the real thing.
-Reproduce the "dental battery" structure such as spare teeth that show the characteristics of sharks whose teeth are constantly changing!
-The elastic mouth reproduced with TPE material expresses wrinkles on the upper chin.
● Glossy black is used for the hollow eyes. Precise modeling featuring the head, including the Lorenzini organ at the tip of the nose and the nostrils.
-The spray that imaged the water surface is composed of clear parts.
● By specializing in the head, attention is paid to detailed expressions.

-Instruction manual x 1