Fate/Grand Order Aniplex+ Figurine "Shielder/Mash Kyrielight" (Under The Same Sky)

Aniplex+ presents the Mash Kyrielight "under the same sky" 1/7 Scale Figure from the popular mobile game "Fate/Grand Order"! Based on an original illustration by Takashi Takeuchi, Mash appears to be in motion with her hair and outfit flowing in the wind while she smiles, holding out a hand for her Master. Parts of her outfit are made with transparent materials, and the rest of her accessories (such as her ribbon) are crafted with exquisite attention down to the most minute detail. This fifth anniversary version of Mash is stunning from every angle!

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Aniplex+ Exclusive Merchandise
  • Series: Fate/Grand Order
  • Approximate Measurements:
  • Package Height: 310mm
  • Package Width: 180mm
  • Package Depth: 180mm
  • Age Recommendation: 13 UP