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Fate/Grand Order Sleeve Collection - "Lancer/Kiyohime"

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Give the Product Description ■ TYPE-MOON, Fate series of RPG!
From popular Concerning Copyrights "Fate / Grand Order", 5th appeared! Character sleeve to meet the ultra-popular
game in the Servant who has appeared in a swimsuit The sleeves that use the illustrations of the event "Caldea Summer Memory"
are all lineups that fans should want to collect!

Broccoli character sleeves are completely domestically produced! Original melt cut sealing finish is adopted, it is difficult to salmon and
warp It is a high quality sleeve! With the same quality as
before, it is now even more profitable with 80 pieces each.
* There is no change in the quality of the contents.

[Product Details]
1 pack: 80 sheets
Size: 67 x 92 mm Front
: Transparent Back: 7C printing (4C + white x 2 + silver)