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Fate/Grand Order Sleeve Protector [Designs of the World] - "Servant 3"

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Product Description ■
TYPE-MOON presents the Rate of the Fate series! From the
popular smartphone app "Fate / Grand Order" comes the sleeve protector "World Pattern"!
The frames of the illustrations that appear in the game are printed in bright metal color. was the protector of the gorgeous specification!
favorite character sleeve will be transformed into a Servant !!

broccoli sleeve protector, because it is already processing the side of the protector in the melt cut sealing finish, Nikuku salmon, is a pile high-quality protector to sled!

[Product Details]
1 pack: 80 sheets
Size: 68 x 93 mm
Material: OP / CP film
Surface: 2-4 color printing Back: Transparent