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    Bell Fine


    Fate/Stay Night 1/8 "Saber" (White Dress Ver.)

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    I vowed to become a sword to protect him!

    - TV anime [Fate / stay night [Unlimited Blade Works]] than, three-dimensional the Blu-ray Disc Box Takashi Takeuchi has been made to draw on for the II jacket [white dresses of Saber]!
    - Dense modeling of the white dress, which flutters elegant line of skirts, elaborate sculpture of the holy sword Excalibur, such as trail ponytail, reproduced with a lot of soul is prototype teacher i-con the very best motif picture of charm!
    - Paint by color representation of Eimi Hoshimei, we admirably sublimation illustrations to figure.
    - Dressed in white dress, dignified Saber holding a holy sword, please enjoy in your hand by all means.

    - Sculpted by: i-con (deep blue sky blue)
    - Coloring Production: Eimi Hoshimei