Frame Arms Girl Innocentia [Racer] & Noseru (Racing Specs Ver.)

A collaboration between Kotobukiya's original content [Frame Arms Girl] and the stylish robot series [MARUTTOYS]!

The racer-style [Frame Arms Girl Innocentia] and [NOSERU] with new mold parts are now available as a set item with sporty coloring!

[Product specifications]
<Frame Arms Girl Innocentia [Racer]>
-Comes with 3 types of tampo-printed face parts [front-facing double-toothed smile] [normal face left-facing] and [smile right-facing].
-The bangs are a replaceable type of [normal bangs] and [bangs with joints]. The back hair can be selected from [normal short hair] or [side twin tail hair].
-Furthermore, you can select a large number of ears such as [Cat ears], [Mecha cat ears], [Mecha fox ears], [Mecha standing dog ears], [Mecha hanging dog ears], and [Mecha accessories].
-In addition to the same arms and legs as [Frame Arms Girl Materia], [bare skin arms] and [bare skin legs] are included.
-Two types of frills on the neck, armored and unarmored, are included.
-The back comes with two types, [3-hole mount type] and [1-hole mount type].
-By combining the swing movement of the hip joint and the slide movement of the hip joint, a wide range of movement is realized so that you can sit in the gym.
-PVC wrists come with 5 skin tones and 5 dark gray wrists (the wrists have the same shape). The wrist, including the joints, can be recombined with the wrist of the existing Frame Arms Girl series.
-Comes with water transfer decals such as eyes.


Height: FA Girl Innocentia approx 150mm/Noseru approx 94mm.