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    Godzilla "UA Monsters Godzilla" (1962)

    *Packaging has been unboxed before for video shooting purposes. 
    *Product is resealed in box.
    *Product condition: 10/10.

    Celebration, "Godzilla vs. Kong" public commemoration! "Godzilla (1962)" appears proudly in the UA Monsters series!
    About 60 years ago, Godzilla's third movie, "King Kong vs. Godzilla," became a historic hit as a Japan-US monster confrontation after a fierce battle with Kong at the foot of Mt. Fuji and Atami Castle.
    Godzilla (1962) that appeared here is nicknamed "King Kong" among fans, and is one of the most popular among Showa Godzilla.
    The characteristic expression like a reptile, the massive form and thick and voluminous legs, the rugged dorsal fin and the rough skin, the appearance of the Kingoji costume and the modeling charm are realistically reproduced on a powerful scale of about 30 cm. !!
    In addition, the built-in light and sound gimmick unique to the series!
    With the switch "ON1" on the pedestal, the milky white dorsal fin normally emits pale white light.
    Furthermore, by switching to "ON2", the dorsal fin blinks in small steps in conjunction with the powerful Godzilla roar (twice long), and at the same time, the mouth also blinks and emits light, so you can enjoy the best sense of presence that emits radiant heat rays.
    Please fully enjoy "Kingoji", the male of Showa Godzilla, who has condensed the powerful scale and modeling, light & sound gimmick, and charm.

    Product size
    - Overall height about 300mm

    Product specifications
    -Pre-painted PVC product with light and sound function
    -Dedicated pedestal included
    * Built-in LED light emitting gimmick (dorsal fin, mouth)
    * Built-in sound function (roar)
    * Uses 3 AAA batteries (sold separately)