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Gundam G Frame 06 (16A & 16F)

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The 6th series of high-detail movable Gundam figure [Mobile Suit Gundam G Frame] completed by attaching armor to the frame!
A wide range of motion is realized by the frame mechanism, and various poses are possible.

The size is a big size with a total height of about 110 mm.
The armor set comes with hanger parts for armor that can be displayed as a single item, and the frame set comes with the armament and movable frame of each MS.
The 6th bullet is a powerful lineup of "Land battle type Gundam" "Gundam Unit 5" "Gun Cannon".

In addition to a wealth of weapon parts, the land battle type Gundam weapon set also includes a land battle type gym head, allowing you to recreate the land battle type gundam (gym head).
In addition, rock parts are included in the Gun Cannon weapon set. You can also use it as a rock, or divide it to reproduce an impressive opening scene.
● 1 colored model (6 types in total)
1. Land battle type Gundam armor set (armor parts / non-movable hanger parts)
2. Land battle type Gundam frame set (weapon set / movable frame)
3. Gundam Unit 5 Armor Set (Armor Parts / Non-movable Hanger Parts)
4. Gundam Unit 5 Frame Set (Weapon Set / Movable Frame)
5. Guncannon armor set (armor parts / non-movable hanger parts)
6. Guncannon frame set (weapon set / movable frame)
● 1 chewing gum