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Gundam Gunpla Package Art Collection Vol. 3 Chocolate Wafer

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A collection of plastic cards featuring beautiful PKG art, centered on the Gunpla MG series.
The material is metallic, and the background is shining to complement the MS (5 of the 32 types are holo specifications).
In addition, the explanation of the kit is on the back side, and you can get a little "Gunpla picture book" fun by collecting it.
In the third installment, we have a wide lineup of popular MS from the 1-year war to the latest Gunpla "MG Gundam NT-1".
There are 32 kinds (4 kinds are rare cards) and chocolate wafers are set as sweets.
● 1 plastic card (32 types in total)
● 1 wafer (baked confectionery)

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