Gunpla Builders Parts System Base 001

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 Start the fun part for further expansion Gundam series!
- By releasing a variety of extension parts, and propose modifications to exhibit examples of Gundam! The Gundam
Rent on the experience gained, the Gundam world, assembling a kit of Gundam and made
The new brand for the enjoyment of the game spread further.
- Suitable for display-based systems appear realistic?
- Integrated tilt gimmick!
- The side arms can be added to rack height adjustable by a combination of hook parts.
- Select a telescopic footrest and repeatable formula attached disengaged.
- Features stretching back left and right parts.
- Can be joined to the left and right, can bind to infinity!

- Body
- Rack guide weapons
- Weapon rack hook × 4
- Joint parts × 2