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Gunpla Full Mechanics 1/100 Gundam Aerial

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Would we have liked this to be a Master Grade? Absolutely, but would that be unfair to a lot of other main series suits that haven't been given an MG release yet? Absolutely not, so we'll let this one slide. (Plus the kit looks incredible so we're not complaining at all!)

Layering technology has been utilized in the clear parts to create a realistic shine to the parts that could not be achieved in the HG, and the shield can be fully separated into the 11 bits and displayed using the Witch from Mercury weapon display stand! A wide range of slide gimmicks have also been incorporated to allow for uninhibited posing in the legs and torso for a wide range of motion.


■ Hand parts × 1 formula
■ Beam saber × 2
■ Beam rifle × 1
■ Shield x 1
■ Effect parts for beam rifle × 1
■ Joint parts × 1 formula
■ Sticker × 1