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    GSI Creos

    Gunpla GM-301P Slushing Liner Pen (Black)

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    The Gundam marker, inking pen new design comes up! !

    - Inking pen type comes poured into a Gundam marker at last!
    When moistened with ink to knock on a piece of paper the pen tip, just put a pen tip to mold!
    Flows into the mold smoothly, you can put corner! It is most suitable for the inking of RG!
    - So that every part, inking a suitable can be, I will expand 3 colors.
    - It's clipped it to turn off or eraser, in [GM300 Gundam Marker Pen off]
    You can.

    And. Collar Mr, please do not overspray and other colors.
    If you use from the top of the paint, ink melt the base paint.
    The use of coating agent after painting, it may be blurred.