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    Gunpla MG 1/100 Full Armor Gundam Ver. Ka (Gundam Thunderbolt Ver.)

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    Hajime Katoki thorough supervision of the original by Mr., Full Armor Gundam of built with bringing together the technical capabilities [Ver.Ka]

    - Setting and attention to detail historical research, proportions, many of gimmick that has been dropped into the body. I want to make sure to take in hand - to the attractive product

    - 01: Internal detail where you can enjoy with all armor parts removable purge
    - 02: texture reproduced in each joint is sealing by plastic material
    - 03: missile hatch which has been implemented in each part can be reproduced also open for all stages fired form
    - 04: cockpit hatch is expanded to the left and right side part, foot claws also other that can be mobile, breast duct can be selected from the two patterns
    - 05: emergency pod can also be stored to the internal deformation gimmick equipped
    - 06: implementation until fine slide mechanism of the various armed
    - 07: the various arms of the backpack can pose full of mounting sense of realism to the independently movable gimmick

    - Dual beam rifle
    - Rocket launcher
    - Beam saber × 3 (beam blade × 2)
    - Shield × 4