Gunpla MG 1/100 Gundam Astray Blue Frame D Gundam Seed

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Astray B’s Astray Blue Frame D has been immortalized as a Master Grade kit!

- This updated version of the fan-favorite Astray Blue Frame adds a variety of new weaponry, such as the modified Aile Striker and intensely powerful DRAGOON system! In addition to pilot Gai Murakumo, a 1/100 figure of the falling Elsa Weill is included.
- Detachable DRAGOON Sword System! The Large Sword can be mounted on the arm blade for a massive weapon- almost 8” long!
- Improved Aile Striker is based on the Aile Strike Gundam Ver. RM, featuring newly designed connection points to attach to the Gundam Astray!
- Recreated in this new mold that allows attachment of the blades onto each section, and redesigned decals bring out the modern flair of the Astray.

- Twin Gun x2
- Dragoon Blade x10
- Sword Pedestal
Runner x25
- Foil sticker x1
- Dry transfer x1
- Tetron sticker x1
- Instruction Manual
Item Size/Weight : 39 x 31 x 10.8 cm / 892g