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    Gunpla MG 1/100 MSZ-010 ZZ Gundam Ver. Ka

    The long-awaited MG Double Zeta Gundam Ver.Ka finally appeared!

    - A wide range of motion of each part and installation of a core / block system, realization of deformation to each form!
    - Shoulder joints are provided with multiple movable axes, securing a movable range that can reproduce action pauses like Double Zeta Gundam.
    - The knee joint makes full use of the latest know-how, reproduces deep [bending] while reproducing complex deformation.
    - Adopting the three-axis structure which had never existed in the waist, it is possible to [twist of waist] [bend forward] while having deformation function.
    - It can be transformed into each form such as G Fortress. Adjust the structure and shape of each part to the limit, pursue a form that seems to be aircraft that eliminated the remnants of humanoids.
    - Two core fighters are attached and the union scene of the opening can be reproduced.
    - Added [Extra Finish] processing to some parts and added a profound feeling that can not be produced with molded items alone.
    - By placing lining parts in places without frames, high detail appearance is realized even when deformed.

    - accessories
    · Double beam · rifle × 1
    · Hyper · Beam · Saber × 2
    · Hand grip (right and left) × 1 each
    · Saber hand (left and right) × 1 each
    · Hand for transformation (right and left) × 1 each
    · Weapon possession (right) × 1