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Gunpla PG 1/60 RX-78 Gundam GP-01/Fb

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An extremely detailed and highly engineered model kit of the Gundam GP1 from "Gundam 83: Stardust Memory." Furnished with an internal skeleton featuring pistons, sensor arrays, molded exhaust piping, as well as LED powered eyes and lenses (CR122 battery sold separately), the GP1 embodies the mechanical complexity and attention to detail embodied in the Perfect Grade line. Standards for the Perfect Grade line include fingers that have individual articulation, while actuators move in sync with arm and leg joints. GP1 can be converted from either its base form or its Fb mode and features many opening hatches and swiveling components as if it were a real machine undergoing maintenance. The core fighter can transform seamlessly between forms and also includes landing gear. A hangar is also included which features a lift and racks for storing unused components of the Gundam. Beam rifle, machine gun, beam sabers, and shield are included.
- Can be equipped with retrofit of ground war / space warfare specification.
- I reproduce full deformation of the core Fighter II, the coalescence.
- Maintenance hanger accessories that you can display by installing the parts.

- Runner x43
- Foil sticker x1
- Tetron sticker x1
- Gundam decal x1
- Hologram sticker x1
- Instruction manual

Item Size/Weight : 60.4 x 39.8 x 27 cm / 4860g