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    Gunpla RG 1/144 ZGMF-X42S Destiny Gundam Seed

    RG 11 bullet will be Destiny Gundam protagonist machine [Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINY]
    Finally here!
    - Also made by the Freedom Gundam ZAFT, Gundam and Justice
    Destiny Gundam. Dropped into the [real] and its setting in this product,
    Are using the Advanced mode in common with MS MS joint above. However,
    At the same time to pursue your own settings to reproduce the Destiny Gundam, the exterior parts
    How to install or Ikashi are the ones that are different from the previous two products RG series of body
    Has become.
    - Armored division fine considering the actual machine, unique feature of RG. Such as the joints,
    You can put a realistic decals, plans to reproduce the metal-like texture.
    - Also boasts a wide range of range of movement in the air `` poses unique appearance きり SEED
    Advanced mode can be reproduced by the joint MS.
    - Long-range beam cannon weapon variety, such as a beam shield included.
    - Also a characteristic wing, three-dimensional by actual investigation. Can be replicated gimmick wings and weapons deployment.

    - Beam rifle
    - Beam saber × 2
    - Beam shield, shield

    - Beam boomerang × 2
    - Beam sword
    - Long-range beam cannon