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    Gunpla RGBF 1/144 Build Strike Gundam Full Package

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     Build Strike Gundam Say dream of is `` realistic appeared in RG!

    - Build Strike Gundam full package to validate as a real machine of 17.7m, also reflect historical research of Iori Say, commercialization. Setting of in the play also means to pursue realistic, attractive build strike revives in new in the RG!

    [RG POINT 01]
    - RG appearance thorough investigation as a product in the real world based on their own actual historical research
    - Reflects the detail that was associated from the actual fighters, such as the wing of build booster
    - Based on the historical research of RG unique build strike and build booster separation and coalescence mechanism

    [RG POINT 02]
    - Remodeling the Strike Gundam to base
    - Chobham Armour of surface detail which is also used in tanks to anime drama intermediate street, the shape introduced

    [RG POINT 03]
    - Clear parts, by Advance de MS joint, verification of RG system structure leading to the Star Build Strike Gundam

    [RG POINT 04]
    - Texture reproduction of the metal by the realistic decal

    - Accessories: build booster, strengthening beam rifle, beam gun (possible recombination to beam rifle), beam saber × 2, Cho Bam shield, gun possession (right), grip hand (left and right)

    Item Size/Weight : 31.2 x 19.3 x 8.5 cm / 459g