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Gunpla SDBF SxDxG Gundam

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SXDXG Gundam is an SD Gundam from "Gundam Build Fighters Try" used by the triplets of Team SD-R in one of the rounds of the Japanese tournament. 

- 1 Kit includes the ability to make any of the 3 variants. 
- 3 of this kit is required to build the combined form, a 3 headed SD Dragon. 
- Different eye stickers are also included for various facial expressions.


  • 1 x rifle;
  • 1 x spear;
  • 1 x claw;
  • 3 x different chest armor parts;
  • 1 x sticker sheet;
  • 2 x interchangeable visors, each fit to be used on both sides in combination with the supplied eye stickers.