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Hololive 1st fes. - Sleeve Collection High Grade Vol.2996 "Usada Pekora" (Nonstop Story" Ver.)

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"Peko peko peko peko!"

Bushiroad Sleeve Collection High Grade 515th!
The number of enclosed sheets has been increased from 60 to 75!
From the 3rd generation of "Hololive Production", "Pekora Usada" will be sleeved in the costume of the first overall live "hololive 1st fes." Nonstop Story ""!

Product Specifications:

[1 pack] 75 sheets
[Size] 92 x 67 mm
[Material] PP + silver film
[Printing] Front side: transparent, back side: 5 color printing (4 colors + white)
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