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    Hololive Production Nonstop Story - Deck Holder Collection 94 "Shiranui Flare"

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    "Konnui! This is Shiranui Flare!"

    The 17th installment of the "Bushiroad Deck Holder Collection V3" series, which thickens the fabric from the "Deck Holder Collection V2" and protects the deck firmly!
    From the 3rd generation of "Hololive Production", "Shiranui Flare" will appear in the costume of the first overall live "hololive 1st fes." Nonstop Story ""!

    A combination of Bushiroad sleeve collection + general sleeve guard (thickness 200 μm / sheet) double sleeve can store 70 or more (about 76 sheets).
    A perfect type inner sleeve (thickness 100 μm / sheet) + Bushiroad sleeve collection + general sleeve guard (thickness 200 μm / sheet) triple sleeve combination can store 60 or more (about 67 sheets).

    * Please note that the thickness of the card and sleeve varies depending on the manufacturer and product.
    * 100 μm = 0.1 mm
    * The number of cards that can be stored in the "Vanguard" ending ver. And "Buddy Fight" ending ver. Is different because the cards are thicker than other trading card games released by Bushiroad.

    Product Specifications

    [Size] Height 98 x Width 75 x Thickness 65 mm
    [Material] PP
    [Printing] 5 color printing (4 colors + white)