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Ichiban Kuji Hololive Vol.2

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Double Chance is AVAILABLE for this set!!

Toki no Sora Prize - Toki no Sora Visual Board
Shirakami Fubuki Prize - Shirakami Fubuki Visual Board
Sakura Miko Prize - Sakura Miko Visual Board
Nekomata Okayu Prize - Nekomata Okayu Visual Board
Shiranui Flare Prize - Shiranui Flare Visual Board
○ Tsunomaki Watame Prize - Tsunomaki Watame Visual Board
○ Yukihana Lamy Prize - Yukihana Lamy Visual Board
○ Shishiro Botan Prize - Shishiro Botan Visual Board
○ Sakamata Chloe Prize - Sakamata Chloe Visual Board

○ Kazama Iroha Prize - Kazama Iroha Visual Board
○ Chokonokko Prize - Figure
○ Framestand Prize - Illustration Board
○ Charm Prize - Charm
○ Last One Prize - Booklet
○ Double Chance Campaign - Booklet

Whole Set Kuji got 80tix

Please look forward to the follow-up report!

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