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Is the Order a Rabbit? Bloom Deck Box "Rize" Vol.39

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The 7th (1/2) of the new series [Bushiroad Deck Holder Collection V3] that thickens the fabric from [Deck Holder Collection V2] and protects the deck firmly!
- [Is the order a rabbit? ] The third term of the series [Is the Order a Rabbit? From [BLOOM], [Cocoa], [Chino], [Rize], and [Chiya] are now available!

--Bushiroad sleeve collection + general sleeve guard (thickness 200 μm / sheet) double sleeve combination can store 70 or more (about 76 sheets).
--A combination of a perfect type inner sleeve (thickness 100 μm / sheet) + Bushiroad sleeve collection + general sleeve guard (thickness 200 μm / sheet) triple sleeve can store 60 or more (about 67 sheets).

* Please note that the thickness of the card and sleeve varies depending on the manufacturer and product.
* 100 μm = 0.1 mm
* [Vanguard] and [Buddy Fight] have different card thicknesses than other trading card games released by us, so the number of cards that can be stored is different.

--Product material: PP
- made in Japan
--Size (for vertical design): Height 98 x Width 75 x Thickness 65 mm
--Size (for horizontal design): Height 73 x Width 101 x Thickness 65 mm
--5-color printing (4 colors + white)