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    JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Golden Wind -Canvas Style-

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    From the TV anime [JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Golden Wind], a new art series featuring printed canvas texture material is now available!

    -All 12 types are limited illustrations!
    --Giorno, Bucharati, and Diavolo are rare with golden foil stamping!

    --One canvas-style art paper (12 types in total)
    1. 1. Giorno Giovanna (golden foil stamping)
    2. Bruno Bucciarati (golden foil stamping)
    3. 3. Diabolo (golden foil stamping)
    Four. Trish Una
    Five. Leone Abbacchio
    6. Guido Mista
    7. 7. Narancia Ghirga
    8. 8. Panna cotta fugo
    9. Risotto Neero
    Ten. Prosciutto
    11. Merone
    12. Giaccio

    --1 chewing gum