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Jujutsu Kaisen Deformed Seal Wafers Vol. 4

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Title: Single Pack (Random)
Introducing the 4th sticker wafer with an original illustration of the TV anime "Jujutsu Kaisen"!
There are 29 types of seals. Luxurious specifications where all stickers shine brilliantly.
In addition, the double-foiled "Special Rare / Extreme" and the "2nd Anniversary Rare" commemorating the 2nd anniversary are included!
■ What is the new brand name of the collection sticker, “Niformation”
? !
- 1 sticker (29 types in total / 4 types of special rare + 2 types of special rare and extreme + 1 type of 2nd anniversary rare)
1. 10 types of normal
2. 8 kinds of rare
3. 4 types of super rare 4
4. Special rare 4 types 5
5. 2 types of special rare and extreme
6.2nd anniversary rare 1 type - 1
cocoa cream flavored wafer

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