Kaitai Puzzle "Crab" (Renewal Ver)

Introducing a new educational and fun "Snow Crab Parts Puzzle"! Assemble the 41 separate pieces to complete a realistic snow crab🦀! By including the new "internal roe" part, you can create a female crab, or by adding the "crab miso," you can create a male crab. The puzzle accurately reproduces not only the shell and shoulder meat but also the finer details like the claws and legs parts such as "bonbori," "nanban," and "rakkyo," as well as the inedible but essential "gani" that must be removed. As a 3D puzzle, it clearly shows the names and positions of each part.

You can disassemble it just like a real snow crab, including removing the "fundoshi" (apron), and it features a mechanism to peel the meat from the shell. The set includes the traditional "crab fork," a display stand, and a basket sheet. Enjoy the process of assembling and learning about snow crab anatomy with this authentic puzzle!

Size approx. (W)120×(D)80×(H)35mm

The image is a prototype. It may be slightly different than the final product.