Kamen Raider MG Figure-rise Kamen Rider 000 Tatoba Combo

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MG FIGURE-RISE Tatoba Raidaozu mask finally appeared from the combo!

- Bending the arms and legs linked to elevated muscle movement, muscle gimmick works each blast.
- Users can Medajariba Medajariba comes with power, cells can be removed and put the medal.
- Users scan scanner scanner can reproduce the O O can be removed from the belt, you can reproduce the scene in the play.
- Recreate the left and right expandable Torakuro Torakuro deployment. MG can be reproduced in the play area poses unique mobile Figyuaraizu overwhelming.
- Reproduce Ozudoraibagimikku
To reproduce the precise Ozudoraiba [Hawks] [tiger] [Grasshopper] Users can launch the core of
Like the movie, Slater O] can be tilted from horizontal. Omedarunesuto that comes with the belt, can accommodate a medal.
- Can be reproduced by replacing the Battareggu Battareggu Tatobakikku achieve. Stand is included,
The display can be floated in the air.

- Medajariba
- Battareggu medals core cell Medals
- Stand
Item Size/Weight : 31 x 20 x 13.1 cm / 649g